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[jgit-dev] Rewriting JGit history and standard comment template


I undersand your pain and frustration with the rewriting of the headers. However, I'd like to help out if I can. 

I think that even though the road is bumpy, the EGit project and the wider Eclipse community will benefit if we can keep JGit where it is. Not only that, but if we were to move JGit elsewhere, then we'd have a situation where the CQs for getting updated JGit binaries into Orbit (and awaiting subsequent releases) is likely to be as painful, if not more so, than the initial contribution hump. This would subsequently impact future changes to EGit that needed new JGit features.

My experience of working with Eclipse projects is that contributions are rarely mentioned in the header unless they're significant. So a few lines here and there probably doesn't count as needing a contribution - though exactly what level change is needed is a bit undefined. Do we report (in the IP log) all contributions, or only those where the change size is above a certain threshold?

If we've got a full list of contributors (and by mail address, which is usually the way forward), then hopefully we can generate a new set of headers for each file change.

Is there a template we need to follow for the EDL header, either on the web in an existing project, or by a template which was provided to you?


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