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[jgit-dev] nearing 0.7.0 releases

As we are nearing the 0.7.0 release I've forked off a branch,
stable-0.7, to finish developing the release in.

I sent a copy of the IP log [1] to EMO IP team asking for approval
of this log.  As I understand it, any additional non-committer
contributions to that branch will require reapproval of the log,
wasting everyone's time.  Fun.


Going forward, I expect new features to continue to be developed in
master, and that master will form the basis of our 0.8.0 release.

I also expect our API to break between 0.7 and 0.8... since we are
still pre-1.0, and are still incubating.

Important bug fixes should be uploaded to stable-0.7 directly,
but please keep in mind that non-committer changes are going to
take a bit more effort there.

Also, today we sent EMO a release review document [2] on the EGit
and JGit projects.


JGit's IP log is still pending.  We are waiting for the outstanding
CQs to finish review in IPzilla.


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