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[jgit-dev] JGit required CQs

> 2010/1/31 Chris Aniszczyk <caniszczyk@xxxxxxxxx>
> > Since we don't ship the tests, we don't need to create CQs for them.
> >
> > CQs are only needed when you ship code from, tests are
> > generally excluded from them.

Hmm.  If that is true, then CQ 3565 and CQ 3655 aren't needed:;a=blob;f=.eclipse_iplog;h=c7bf1b48e9f095aa73e7fb7c104ec8cf151306d1;hb=3eee6061901940f8a8c1f771e649b4e6676760a9

3565 is the javax.servlet API.  We don't ship the API, but we link
against it during compile.

3655 is for JUnit.  Again we don't ship JUnit, but we link against
it to run our unit tests.


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