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Re: [egit-dev] Re: [jgit-dev] now running smart HTTP

lördagen den 16 januari 2010 23.27.15 skrev  Shawn O. Pearce:
> Alex Blewitt <alex.blewitt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Do we have an open bugzilla for the gitweb jgit replacement?
> No, not yet.  Please feel free to open one.
> > By the way, what do people think of the idea of running a jgit/webgit
> > from inside an eclipse ide instance so that members of a dev team could
> > browse/pull from each other's workspace directly?
> I think its a good idea.  It would certainly make it easier to
> just pull from a peer's workspace.  But its also a lot less high on
> my priority list than having EGit be completely standalone, which
> means finishing the missing key features like merge, fsck, and gc.

I second that, but my priority there is more like Shawns. Btw I started
experimenting with JSP tags for this a long time ago. Is JSP too
much for a web solution. It's certaily some overhead.

Anyway here's an example of a very crude log from a year and half

	<git:repository gitDir="<%= request.getParameter("dir") %>">
		<git:revwalk start="HEAD">
			Commit c = repo.mapCommit(objectId.copy());
			out.println("Author:" + c.getAuthor());
			<br />

-- robin

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