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[jgit-dev] JGit Build Upgraded: m2 and p2 output

So good news, I think we are finally done with the JGit build shenanigans. I may have obtained nirvana in the process and lost some hair.

Looking back, this is what we went through on our journey...
    - the never ending maven / p2 repository debate
    - JIT bugs (
    - Pack200 bug on (

I'm happy to report all should be good now on, we have a p2 and m2 repo.

You should be able to grab the m2 repo from here:

The p2 site is here:

Special thanks to Matthias who put the finishing touches on the Tycho JGit build.

In my opinion, the next step is to get the EGit build and think about releasing JGit 0.6.0. I opened this bug for the JGit release if you have any comment:
    299726: Release and Announce 0.6.0 -


Chris Aniszczyk

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