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Re: [jgit-dev] Tycho choking on a JAR

2010/1/15 Chris Aniszczyk <caniszczyk@xxxxxxxxx>
Any idea why Tycho is choking on this JAR?

Things are working great locally but not on

[INFO] Fetching com.jcraft.jsch_0.1.41.v200903070017.jar.pack.gz (2.35kB of 76.72kB at 0B/s) from
[WARNING] Exception reading bundle manifest error in opening zip file
at Method)
at org.codehaus.tycho.osgitools.EquinoxBundleResolutionState.doLoadManifest(
at org.codehaus.tycho.osgitools.EquinoxBundleResolutionState.loadManifest(
at org.codehaus.tycho.osgitools.EquinoxBundleResolutionState.loadBundleManifest(
at org.codehaus.tycho.osgitools.EquinoxBundleResolutionState.addBundle(
at org.codehaus.tycho.osgitools.EquinoxBundleResolutionState.newInstance(
at org.codehaus.tycho.osgitools.AbstractDependenciesReader.getBundleResolutionState(
at org.codehaus.tycho.osgitools.AbstractDependenciesReader.getPluginsDependencies(
at org.codehaus.tycho.osgitools.FeatureDependencyReader.getDependencies(
at org.codehaus.tycho.maven.TychoMavenLifecycleParticipant.afterProjectsRead(

It complains that this jar doesn't contain a proper manifest, could you check that under the given path pointing to the
local maven repo on the build server ? I do not have access to the server.
[ERROR] Internal error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to initialize BundleResolutionState: Manifest not found 
in /opt/users/hudsonbuild/.hudson/jobs/jgit/workspace/.repository/p2/osgi/bundle/com.jcraft.jsch/0.1.41.v200903070017/com.jcraft.jsch-0.1.41.v200903070017.jar
In my local repo this manifest looks ok. I also dowloaded it from the URL given in the build log

and compared the contained manifest with my local copy, for me they are identical. Maybe you have a corrupt copy in the local m2 repo.

The other difference to my local build is the maven 3 version, I run on alpha-6 which was released recently. Hence I retried
with alpha-5 but this also works here.

Maybe Maven cannot locate the unpack200, try passing its path via system property as described here :


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