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Re: [jetty-users] accessing Request from Session Lifecycle Listener

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the reply... I was starting to drown in source code when I got your message, which helped immensely.

What I am doing is creating a virtual thread for each session, after authentication succeeds.  I wanted to use the Listener to create the thread, but can't seem to get the authentication info in that context.

What I have found ( in Jetty source code ) is that the Session Lifecycle Listener(s) are fired synchronously when getSession(true) is called, (which SPNEGO authenticator does, but ssl client cert auth does not) and so the Principal which is added to the Session right after, is not accessible to the Listeners.

A workaround I came up with is to put all my code into one monolithic Handler after SessionHandler (it's a separate auth and thread-launcher handler now, with session in the middle): 

if (request.getSession(false) == false) {

    auth (client cert or kerberos)


    launch thread with user_id info


I will look at the SecurityHandler but the SPNEGO authenticator which calls getSession(true) would break this arrangement.

On 6/14/24 00:10, Jan Bartel via jetty-users wrote:

The SessionHandler is the handler that resolves any existing session when a request enters a context, so it needs to be before anything that might access a session. By merely putting the SessionHandler first, you aren't guaranteeing that a session will always be created - this only happens iff it is either programmatically requested, or you hit a url with a security constraint on it that means that a FormAuthenticator - or other custom type of Authenticator - is invoked and it creates a session.  Are you sure you don't want to extend SecurityHandler?


On Fri, 14 Jun 2024 at 01:23, Jeremy Jackson via jetty-users <jetty-users@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm working with Jetty 12 trying to put a Kerberos and Client Certificate authentication handler *before* Jetty's default SessionHandler, and I'm coming up short on a way to propagate the authenticated identity into the HTTP Session.

specifically, I would like to access the Session from the onSessionCreated() method.  I'm open to extending one of Jetty's session components (as suggested by chatGPT) but I thought I'd inquire here first.

This is a Jetty embedded, native API project.

The examples I have found all have the SessionHandler coming first, so any subsequent handlers would have access to the Session, however I want to avoid creating a session entirely, for unauthenticated connections.



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