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[jetty-users] Jetty 12.0.1 build vs 12.0.0 build

I have a strange issue that is probably not directly Jetty related but only occurs when I compile against the 12.0.1 jars and not when using the 12.0.0 jars so I was hoping for some info.

My Scala compiler crashes with an internal error when compiling against the 12.0.1 jars and not when using the 12.0.0 jars. The error details are probably not informative nor relevant here but googling it I found similar issues related to certain annotations not being found during compilation. Compiling similar Java code with the same jars appeared to be not a problem.

So I was wondering if apart from the bug fixes something else is different in the 12.0.1 jars from the 12.0.0 jars at the download site. I happened to notice that the complete build (jetty-home-12.0.1.tar.gz) is slightly smaller than the 12.0.0 version but that does not have to mean anything of course.

I will pursue the compiler issue on the Scala end but that issue has been around for quite some time. Any info on this could help pin down the Scala compiler bug.



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