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Re: [jetty-users] Strange failure of SSL handshake after Jetty Upgrade.

Am 17.02.2023 um 15:37 schrieb Srijith Kochunni via jetty-users:
          We’re initializing the SSLContextFactory as follows

            What we’re observing is that the SSL handshake is failing when the server is
accessed over FQDN. However the handshake goes through when accessed over IP Address.

When I was updating to a more recent version of Jetty (back then)
I had to set the endpoint identification algorithm to null:


Reason was that Unittests failed but I don't remember which ones.
Reason (according to the checkin-message) was
and that has to do with TLS-client-authentication, so I'm not
sure if it's something that applies here. But you might give
it a try.

Cheers, Lothar

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