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[jetty-users] Jetty sockets

Hi community,

first if all, I'm new to this list. Hello to all.

I am using jetty (9.4.20) as a container server hosting multiple web applications in one process. It works pretty good. The process itself runs forked on windows and linux.

Checking the opened ports/sockets of the process I got surprised, because the process itself on windows binds like 5-6 ports in the upper, dynamic port range above 49000. It keeps opening about 20 new sockets for a deployed web application. While the sockets on linux are bound to open pipes, it opens and establishes ports on windows. I was wondering what it does with these ports... maybe you can help me ith this question, so i might find modules i do not need... a brief look into the code revealed only few sections opening sockets: shutdown, rmi, jmx and unixsocket-server. But i do not see how this multiplies with each application deployed...

Thanks for your help in advance.


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