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Re: [jetty-users] ProxyServlet$Transparent returns 502 for external sites

Start by upgrading your version of Jetty, and try again.

Version 9.0 was an experimental / transitional release series between Servlet 3.0 (Jetty 8) and 3.1 (Jetty 9).
That series has been EOL (End of Life) for a long time. (many years now)

Joakim Erdfelt / joakim@xxxxxxxxxxx

On Thu, Jul 18, 2019 at 11:50 AM Houtman, Roland <Roland.Houtman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:



I’m trying to use the ProxyServlet$Transparent

So far I am succeeding when proxying HTTP requests to my local GeoServer


But when I proxy to a www URL, then I get 502 bad gateway on two separate servers.


I’m working from office, so I do work behind a proxy.

What are things I can check to come closer to fixing this issue?


I listed the test URLS in the web.xml for reference and minimal-test-setup

Using jetty-9.0.7.v20131107


Kind regards,







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