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[jetty-users] Developing multi web app in eclipse


I'm developing a multi webapp application in eclipse. These webapps are fairly integrated so it is required to run them together. This project came to me as a series of eclipse projects running in websphere on eclipse but in jetty on the production server. I've spent the past few months attempting to find a way to develop with jetty in eclipse.

I have written a gradle build script that does a good job  at compiling warfiles and supporting jars. I can place those directly in a jetty.base folder and everything works splendidly.

However I can't properly start and debug from eclipse. I've looked around for plugins to eclipse that could help me but they all seem geared towards single webapp projects. There is no WTP solution. I've attempted to work with gretty, but it does not give me the flexibility I need to run with a specific jetty.base folder.  (I need to poke around in start.ini, add and remove runtime jars, and fiddle with various jetty config xml files, and configure ldap) Also gretty farmRun takes minutes to start.

I can start jetty in debug mode and connect to it with eclipse. But I want changes to my source files to be compiled and shoved in the jvm like any other project developed in eclipse.

So I come to you hoping my problems are not unique.

Is there a way that I can run my project in jetty in debug mode and still get somekind of automatic hot code replace working? Or if not that, an automatic rebuilding and redeployment of changed webapps? Alternatively: Can I start jetty, and use a specific jetty.base folder with it's start.ini and config files, in an embedded server?

Is there another way I'm not seeing? How do you develop and debug larger multiple web-apps in jetty in eclipse? 

Kind regards
Wouter Schaart

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