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Re: [jetty-users] Embedded Jetty and Angular 6: only rewrite URLs that don`t match any servlet or files

Hi Peter,

Glad you found this example useful as to how HTML5 pushstate can be achieved with Jetty. The XML version is quite different as you can see and, unfortunately, I don`t have as much experience with it. I was using Tomcat + XML before we switched to microservices and Embedded Jetty. I never really used XML configuration with Jetty.

I still gave a look at the snippet you included and if passing arguments to a handler is in fact allowed, then I think you may be on the right path. Perhaps someone on this list knows what to do in order to get a reference to the context.

An alternative to using parameters would be to use annotations directly in the handler class. I assume that your backend is already using annotations for your servlets etc. Perhaps its possible that Jetty will scan for annotations in rewrite handlers as well? I am really not sure about this, just trying to give you another possibility to look at.

If you're stuck and must use XML descriptors but are flexible on the JEE implementation, I know that Tomcat has a better URL rewriting method. It uses the same rewrite format as Nginx which allows conditional statements. You could easily do a prototype to verify this and then make the switch if it proves useful. Here's a link to the page showing that conditional rewrite is supported on Tomcat:

The following has nothing to do with your question, just a bit of a thought at a macro scale. Can your app be converted to a microservice?  I personally have had a much better experience since I moved away from the application server model. I find myself with more options and more flexibility when it comes to keeping up with ever changing technology trends. 

Should I had failed to find the rewriting solution I shared previously, I would have decoupled my web ui from my backend and moved forward as follows:

1) host the angular application on nginx and let the _javascript_ client connect to the backend through REST APIs or websocket only. 
2) host backend on standard JEE container with only a clean cut API to worry about. No server pages. Easy to test the API and increase code coverage.

I've seen this model in use and it works quite well. Nginx is excellent at hosting frontend apps.  JEE is excellent at hosting backend apps. Best of both worlds and scalable too.

That being said, I hope you'll find a solution and please share it with us if you find one!  I'd be interested in knowing how it can be done via XML.


Nicolas Therrien

Senior Software Developer

o: +1.819.931.2053  

On Fri, Nov 30, 2018 at 1:49 PM PETER CURRIVAN <Peter.Currivan@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Nicolas Therrien et al.,


Thank you for sharing your custom RewriteHandler for use with Angular 6 routing.  I am having trouble using it, however, because I am using XML configuration (non-embedded Jetty).  My problem is I do not know how to access a reference to the WebAppContext in my jetty-rewrite.xml file.  Whereas you have instantiated the WebAppContext and the Html5PushStateConditionalRewriteHandler in a single Java file, and can simply pass the reference, I am seemingly forced to configure these objects in separate Jetty IoC XML files (jetty-web.xml configures the WebAppContext and jett-rewrite.xml configures the Html5PushStateConditionalRewriteHandler).


Do you (or anyone else reading this) know a way I might access a reference to the WebAppContext configured in jetty-web.xml from within jetty-rewrite.xml?  Or perhaps another way to access the “mappedServlet” within the custom RewriteHandler?


I tried adding an id to the WebAppContext in jetty-web.xml and using a Ref tag in jetty-rewrite.xml but the reference comes back null.



<Configure id="webAppContext" class="org.eclipse.jetty.webapp.WebAppContext">



<Configure id="Server" class="org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server">

  <Call name="insertHandler">


      <New class="my.package.Html5PushStateConditionalRewriteHandler">

        <Arg name="webAppContext"><Ref refid="webAppContext"/></Arg>



Peter Currivan

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