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[jetty-users] WebSocket connection/debugging issues


I'm running a small-ish Ninja app under Java 11 using the latest Jetty, and I'm running into trouble setting up a WebSocket connection, but I'm quite stuck on how to debug it.

The app runs behind an Nginx reverse proxy, which adds back the Connection: upgrade and Upgrade: websocket headers that would normally be stripped out, but it's as if Jetty itself removed these before the connection is passed to the application, because when I print the headers on the incoming connection, the Upgrade header is missing, and so the application doesn't know what to do with it, resulting in an eventual failed WS handshake. Needless to say, this all happens with the websockets module enabled in the installation.

I considered making a bug report, but I have zero evidence to back up my claim of Jetty mishandling WS connections. Is there a debug or verbose logging mode for Jetty itself, that could capture information as the connection is being handled - that way I could at least find out if I'm misconfiguring something.

Thanks in advance!

Zalan Meggyesi

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