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[jetty-users] Some advise needed

Hello Everyone,
I am new to this list, and Iā€™m not sure if this is the right place to ask my question,
so please forgive me, if this is not the right place.
I am using jetty 9.3.9 on windows server. I installed SSL certificate for the server and it works fine.
I tried to test the ssl configuration by using and the result says it needs some work.
To resolve the issues I need to solve the following :
1- remove some weak elliptic curves like secp160k1 (161 bits)
    I searched the web to find a document to do this without any luck.
2- The test result also says : ā€œSERVER DOES NOT SUPPORT OCSP STAPLINGā€œ
    How can I enable OCSP?
3- How to redirect http to https?
If you know any documents that help to resolve these issues, it will be a great help.
Kind Regards,

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