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[jetty-users] Issues with migrating Jetty-7.0.1 to Jetty-9.4.9

Hi all,

I am migrating from Jetty-7.0.1 to Jetty-9.4.9 and have ran into the following issues?

What are the replacement for following classes in Jetty-9.4.9?


I have not been able to locate the appropriate replacement for the above classes. I run Jetty in
an embedded mode and was able to control the following attributes programmatically:

WebAppContext wc = (WebAppContext) hl;
SessionHandler sh = wc.getSessionHandler();
SessionManager sm = null;
if ( sh != null ) {
      sm = sh.getSessionIdManager();
      if ( sm != null ) {
         AbstractSessionManager asm = (AbstractSessionManager) sm;
         asm.setHttpOnly( true );
         asm.setSecureCookies( true );
         asm.setSessionIdPathParameterName( null );
         asm.setUsingCookies( true );

Any help will be much appreciated.


Ike Ikonne

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