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[jetty-users] Does jetty support JNDI EventContext?

Hi all,


Here is a question for JNDI EventContext, I have a tree like JNDI name, given it “a/b/c/d”, and I bind the name as below:


final InitialContext context = new InitialContext();

context.addToEnvironment(DEEP_BINDING_PROP, true);

Context contextNew = contextNew.createSubcontext(“a”);

contextNew = contextNew.createSubcontext(“b”);

contextNew = contextNew.createSubcontext(“c”);

contextNew.bind (“d”, new AA());


And now I need add a NamespaceChangeListener under “a/b/c”, I tried to do that as below:

   namingListener = new EventReceiversListener(this);

   EventContext eventContext = (EventContext)context.lookup(“a/b/c”);

   eventContext.addNamingListener("", EventContext.ONELEVEL_SCOPE, namingListener);


But Jetty says “org.eclipse.jetty.jndi.NamingContext cannot be cast to javax.naming.event.EventContext”. Can anyone know how to do with that?





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