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[jetty-users] unable to have Jetty serve web service over SSL

Hi folks.

I'm trying to use an embedded jetty server to provide a SOAP service. All is well using HTTP, but I need to use HTTPS.

There are many examples on the web of how to do this, but when I try to instantiate a via:

new org.eclipse.jetty.http.spi.JettyHttpServerProvider().createHttpsServer(new InetSocketAddress("", 9100), 10);
an UpportedOperationException is thrown. I have looked at the source code and it is obvious that no attempt is made to create an HttpsServer; the createHttpsServer() method simply throws the above exception.

So - can somebody please tell me how jetty can provide this functionality? I'm using 9.2.10, if that is relevant.

Jeff Ramin
Software Engineer
Singlewire Software
2601 W Beltline Hwy #510
Madison, WI 53713

Phone Direct - 608.661.1172

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