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Re: [jetty-users] Disable Cache of Static Content in Embedded Jetty


I don't think it is the jetty cache, as that only applies to static content rather than JSPs.
It is probably the configuration of the JSP Servlet, which would be in the webdefault.xml descriptor included in the jetty-servlet.jar

The other thing to check is that it is not the browser cache.


On 10 March 2017 at 12:25, Igal @ <igal@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


How can I disable the caching of static content in embedded Jetty?

My embed code is like so (removed unrelated lines):

WebAppContext webapp = new WebAppContext();
webapp.setConfigurationClasses(new String[]{

Server server = new Server();

The problem is that I have a _javascript_ file that is not updating when I modify it.  The browser (Chrome) keeps showing "200 (from cache)" and the contents are unchanged.

Any ideas? TIA!

Igal Sapir Lucee Core Developer

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