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[jetty-users] Configuring option 2 of RFC 7230 paragraph 5 (HTTP header folding)


I switched from 9.2 to 9.3 and two dozens of testcases now fail due
to the fact that they create HTTP-requests containing folded HTTP-
request-headers. I'm aware of Bug 444222 where it's mentioned that
Jetty 9.3 will follow RFC 7230 more strictly so I know why I now
get HTTP 400 responses.

The RFC allows to ways of reacting to folded HTTP-headers:

| A server that receives an obs-fold in a request message that is not
|    within a message/http container MUST either reject the message by
|    sending a 400 (Bad Request), preferably with a representation
|    explaining that obsolete line folding is unacceptable, or replace
|    each received obs-fold with one or more SP octets prior to
|    interpreting the field value or forwarding the message downstream.

Since we use Jetty as HTTP-server for AS2, WebService- and RESTful-
Service data exchanges on a couple thousand distinct installations
where we have absolutely no control over the other side sending in
these requests, the default-behavior will definetly break production
EDI setups. So I'm forced to use option 2 of the RFC.

How can I set up Jetty to replace line-breaks to spaces in order
to keep existing data exchanges running with the new version?

Thanks and best regards,

Lothar Kimmeringer

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