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[jetty-users] Question about http2 compatibility

Hello all,

We are running Jetty 9.4.1 and recently configured a couple of servers to use http2 (which we only used in development until then). Almost immediately after that we got reports from users who where unable to download dynamically generated SPSS and Excel files above a certain size. Small files would work fine but anything from about 0.5MB and up would fail. In the logs we would see Jetty messages of EofExceptions, broken pipes, ClosedChannelExceptions. We where able to do the same downloads form them without any problems.

The customers where mostly using Chrome and IE on Wiindows while we run Chromium on Linux. After disabling http2 the problems went away. But we would prefer to enable it naturally.

The downloads use chunked transfer encoding. We do not offload HTTPS and use Jetty SNI support.

Does anyone have similar experiences or any idea about how to tackle this?

Thanks in advance,



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