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Re: [jetty-users] "early EOF" warning when https call from old application in 9.2.9.v2015022er

Hi, yep, this was understood, and I knew I ran the risk of 0 replies, so I'm glad for yours : )

Thanks for the info regarding EOF.

This seems to happen for a specific request. The application instantiates a and issues a get request with an url argument that goes "https://domain.topdomain/path" but what is sent according to the jetty log appears to be "http://domain.topdomain:443" (I think- log says "GET//domain.topdomain:443/geoserver/rest" and the way our jetty9 is configured one can't reach it like this. It has to be http://domain.topdomain/path (for a 302) or https://domain.topdomain/path or https://domain.topdomain:443 . Am currently trying to instantiate an SSLContextFactory for the httpclient constructor but am so far not seeing an effect. It's obviously less "I know what I'm doing" and more "poke this and see if that part moves" but I am picking up a few things..

On Fri, Jan 27, 2017 at 5:25 AM, Greg Wilkins <gregw@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

you have a situation that is rather: a) special; b) complex; c) dated

It it going to be hard to help via open source channels, but we will attempt.

You have an application using a jetty-8.1.16 client to talk to a jetty-9.2.9 server and logs an EarlyEoF exception on the server and a "functional issue" in the application.

EarlyEOF is just an indication that the server was parsing a request and the EOF arrived. Typically this is because the client gave up - either it timed out or some other problem happened.

Does this happen on all requests, or just some requests.

Do you know the time the request was issued vs the time the "functional issue" occurs and the earlyEOF logged? Is there a delay.

Can you run the client stand alone talking to the server rather than talking to itself?



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