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[jetty-users] Issue with tsessions in 9.4.0

Hello all,

I have been running 9.4.0 (embedded mode) in our production environment for a couple of days now and started to notice high session counts in our monitoring screens.

To track sessions we add an attribute value that extends HttpSessionBindingListener that registers the session during valueBound and unregisters it during valueUnbound.

The session registry keeps track of the total number of sessions created and destroyed. The difference is shown as the number of active sessions. I now observe an ever increasing count of active sessions. It seems that valueUnbound is called in only about 45% of the cases.

I managed to reproduce this in my dev environment. I can confirm invalidate is called on the session but valueUnbound is not called on the tracking object. Reverting to 9.3.13 solves the issue.

Perhaps I am doing something wrong in my server setup. But since valueUnbound is called in about half the cases I suspect something else is wrong. Any ideas?



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