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Re: [jetty-users] SSLEngineImpl initHandshaker Internal error


On Thu, Dec 22, 2016 at 1:53 AM, Steven Schlansker
<stevenschlansker@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> These are the tail of Jetty logs for the thread that died:
> 2016-12-21T23:44:12.816Z DEBUG <> [qtp294008652-58364] o.e.j.util.thread.QueuedThreadPool - queue EPC Prod/Pend/$SelectorProducer@6fad21e
> 2016-12-21T23:44:12.818Z DEBUG <> [qtp294008652-58364] o.e.j.u.t.s.ExecuteProduceConsume - EPC Prod/Pend/$SelectorProducer@6fad21e run SelectChannelEndPoint@5a23fff6{/<->4443,Open,in,OSHUT,FI,-,1838/30000,SslConnection@5b279677}{io=1/0,kio=1,kro=1}:runFillable
> 2016-12-21T23:44:12.820Z DEBUG <> [qtp294008652-58364] - FillInterest@61f9356f{true,AC.ReadCB@5b279677{SslConnection@5b279677{NEED_UNWRAP,eio=-1/-1,di=-1} -> HttpConnection@1c7c0306[DecryptedEndPoint@2917e8db{/<->443,Open,in,OSHUT,FI,-,1856

Both the SelectChannelEndPoint@5a23fff6 and DecryptedEndPoint@2917e8db
say they are OSHUT already.
Can you track back in your logs where they were OSHUT (i.e.
shutdownOutput() was called on them) ?

What could have happened is that Jetty decided that the TLS connection
was not good, sent back a TLS Close message, and then OSHUT it, but
the client insisted in continuing to talk, and SSLEngine got confused
by this, eventually throwing the "IllegalStateException: Internal

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