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[jetty-users] Jetty 9.4 reacts differently to HEAD requests than 9.3?

Hello all,

Firstly: I have just updated a number of server nodes from Jetty 9.3 to Jetty 9.4. With help from people here I got everything working fine and things run smoothly. Looks like 9.4 is yet another excellent piece of software. Respect and many thanks to all the Jetty people!!!

Then: here is the question I would like to ask: I have some data (actually code, but that's not relevant here) rsync batches that are followed by bumping updated servers using "wget --spider" to get them to flush some caches.

But starting this morning these wget runs seem to take forever. The wget prints a message indicating it could not download any data (which is actually the point of using --spider) and then retries going into a loop of 20 iterations. Strangely enough, only the --spider ones are slow, plain downloads run swiftly.

Up until today this was never the case. I checked some documentation and learned that --spider issues a HEAD request. Is there something that has changed in 9.4 that could cause this behavior?

Thanks in advance.



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