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Re: [jetty-users] Memory leak with websockets

This was a reported bug and fixed in the latest version of Jetty.
Be sure you are using the latest version of Jetty, use  9.3.6.v20151106.

Also of note, there's Session close (the websocket layer), and connection close (the endpoint layer).
If you harsh close the connection layer, without going through a proper Session close handshake, then the idle timeout has to kick in to close the Connection and then Session.

Joakim Erdfelt / joakim@xxxxxxxxxxx

On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 10:55 AM, Amit Dev <amitdev@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm using websockets with embedded jetty and somehow the websocket related objects are not cleaned up even after closing the connection. I'm using it as follows:

public class WebSocketEndpoint {
 void foo() {}

 void bar() {}

etc. Everything is working fine, except that the endpoint objects are not getting gc'd. Looks like it is referred by ApplicationShutdownHooks or something. Following is a partial snapshot of referred objects:

this     - value: WebSocketEndpoint #1
 <- websocket     - class: org.eclipse.jetty.websocket.jsr356.endpoints.JsrAnnotatedEventDriver, value: #1
  <- incomingHandler     - class: org.eclipse.jetty.websocket.jsr356.JsrSession, value: org.eclipse.jetty.websocket.jsr356.endpoints.JsrAnnotatedEventDriver #1
   <- _bean     - class: org.eclipse.jetty.util.component.ContainerLifeCycle$Bean, value: org.eclipse.jetty.websocket.jsr356.JsrSession #1
    <- [2]     - class: java.lang.Object[], value: org.eclipse.jetty.util.component.ContainerLifeCycle$Bean #82
     <- array     - class: java.util.concurrent.CopyOnWriteArrayList, value: java.lang.Object[] #2869
      <- _beans     - class: org.eclipse.jetty.websocket.server.WebSocketServerFactory, value: java.util.concurrent.CopyOnWriteArrayList #70
       <- webSocketServerFactory     - class: org.eclipse.jetty.websocket.jsr356.server.ServerContainer, value: org.eclipse.jetty.websocket.server.WebSocketServerFactory #1
        <- [0]     - class: java.lang.Object[], value: org.eclipse.jetty.websocket.jsr356.server.ServerContainer #1
         <- array     - class: java.util.concurrent.CopyOnWriteArrayList, value: java.lang.Object[] #2001
          <- _lifeCycles     - class: org.eclipse.jetty.util.thread.ShutdownThread, value: java.util.concurrent.CopyOnWriteArrayList #55
           <- [36]     - class: java.lang.Object[], value: org.eclipse.jetty.util.thread.ShutdownThread #1
            <- table     - class: java.util.IdentityHashMap, value: java.lang.Object[] #1084
             <- hooks (sticky class)     - class: java.lang.ApplicationShutdownHooks, value: java.util.IdentityHashMap #1

Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm trying to debug further.


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