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Re: [jetty-users] Embedded Jetty - disabling default startup-log output

Configure the "org.eclipse.jetty" Logger to only log at WARN or above (you can tweak this further as you like)

On Nov 26, 2015, at 3:50 PM, Paul Hammant <paul@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Folks,

I'm seeing this is my log:

2015-11-26 18:44:16.235:INFO::main: Logging initialized @2331ms
2015-11-26 18:44:16.541:INFO:oejs.Server:main: jetty-9.3.6.v20151106
2015-11-26 18:44:16.585:INFO:oejsh.ContextHandler:main: Started o.e.j.s.h.MovedContextHandler@6ddf90b0{/lib/angular,null,AVAILABLE}
2015-11-26 18:44:16.635:INFO:oejs.ServerConnector:main: Started ServerConnector@4e90f6ce{HTTP/1.1,[http/1.1]}{}
2015-11-26 18:44:16.636:INFO:oejs.Server:main: Started @2737ms
2015-11-26 18:44:26.961:INFO:oejs.ServerConnector:main: Stopped ServerConnector@4e90f6ce{HTTP/1.1,[http/1.1]}{}
2015-11-26 18:44:26.962:INFO:oejsh.ContextHandler:main: Stopped o.e.j.s.h.MovedContextHandler@6ddf90b0{/lib/angular,null,UNAVAILABLE}

I can't see jettyServer.setLog(..) where I'd like to pass in a handy new NoopLogger()


- Paul
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