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[jetty-users] Unable to set maxFormContentSize for webapp


I have been trying to limit the maxFormContentSize for Jetty but no matter what all settings I set, they are not used by Jetty, and the webapp seems to be able to receive any size form. 

I have tried applying all the settings on the following page:

But to my dismay, none of the settings seems to restrict the form size.

I checked request and Content-length header is being set properly (which is more than the limit I am trying to set). 

 Can someone please tell me the correct way to request post body length.

Btw, the webapp I am using is Solr, and solr internally does check post body length, but I wish to limit it using Jetty.  Solr is deployed as war file using context xml file.

Any help in this regard would be appreciated.



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