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[jetty-users] WebSocket ServerEndpoint annotation scanning outside of web application


I am using Jetty 9.3.3.v20150827with a third party library in the Jetty server classpath that defines a WebSocket endpoint annotated with the JSR 356 @ServerEndpoint annotation. When I started Jetty I noticed that the endpoint was not available so I researched why that was the case. I came across a suggestion to modify the jetty context configuration file and update the WebAppContext's configurationClasses setting and add additional scanners. I did that and confirmed that metadata-complete was set to false in my web.xml file. The endpoint was still unavailable and after looking at the latest Jetty source code I could not find a scanner that searches for the @ServerEndpoint annotation. In a previous release the classes org.eclipse.jetty.websocket.jsr356.server.WebSocketConfiguration and org.eclipse.jetty.websocket.jsr356.server.deploy.ServerEndpointAnnotationHandler were available but now they no longer exists. Any suggestions on how I can get WebSocket scanning working?

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