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[jetty-users] About web application class loading (property setParentLoaderPriority)

Hello, I did not understood web application class loading (

After reading the section "Controlling Webapp Classloader Priority", I'm confused.

The structure of my web application is:

myClass at WEB - INF/classes
library jar1-1.0.0.jar at jetty.home /lib contains class mypackage1.A 

library jar1-2.0.0.jar at WEB - INF /lib contains class mypackage1.A 

library jar2-1.0.0.jar at jetty.home / lib contains class mypackage2.B

Suppose I declare myClass and mypackage2.B like:

import mypackage2.B
public class myClass {


package mypackage2
import mypackage1.A
public class B {


If the property org.eclipse.jetty.webapp.WebAppContext.setParentLoaderPriority is set to false what happens when mypackage2.A is loaded? 

It is loaded by jar1-2.0.0.jar ? or by jar1-1.0.0.jar ? or there is some ambiguity?



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