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[jetty-users] WebSocket Loadbalancer with TLS1.2

Hi All,
As we know, there is no websocket loadbalancer today which can support cookie-based stickiness with TLS 1.2. The closest solution is putting HAProxy behind ELB.

Here is an article describing the problem:

I faced this problem myself! As the saying goes, "necessity is the mother of all innovation", we build a WebSocket loadbalancer from ground-up in C++ with Event Loop in Linux 3.x Kernel.

Internet --> ELB --> HAProxy --> WebServer

Tomorrow(with our product):
Internet --> API Proxy ---> WebServer

*Less Network hop and More Speed!

We support both WebSocket and REST APIs. It's 100% software and runs on any cloud! We are looking for few beta testers. If you are interested in testing our product, pl respond back to me. 

-Uday Subbarayan,
Founding member of Apigee and Ciespace

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