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[jetty-users] Jetty+Spring framework classpath

I downloaded the jetty-runner JAR version 9.2.10.v20150310 from maven repo ( I then tried to run my packaged *.war file with "java -jar jetty-runner.jar my-package.war", and all works fine and dandy.

Now let's imagine this project setup:
  1. I have a project called war-project, which packages to "my-package.war"
  2. I have a dependency to that war-project in another project called jar-project.
  3. jar-project also has a dependency to jetty-runner and has a Main class.
jetty-runner's main class is called Runner.

Now, when I execute Runner.main(new String[] { "my-package.war" }) (which is the same as above java command), I get all sorts of exceptions basically saying that my spring context got read twice. That happens because Spring reads all 'application-context.xml' files classpath, which happens to be the same file twice: once from the war, and once from the dependency that 'jar-project' has to 'war-project'.

Is there a way to somehow limit the Jetty's classpath, or is there no other way, but to reorganize my project structure? I understand it sounds a bit strange, but maybe a solution exists and someone actually knows it.

I wouldn't want to change anything in the 'war-project', because of project specifics.

This is a source code on github, if you'd like to tinker with it a bit:

And a little bit of disclaimer: I don't actually use Runner.main() in my actual code, but it is a common ground and it reproduces my issue to the letter. If I can manage to solve this issue with jetty-runner, I will be able to solve it with an embedded Jetty server. Also, don't ask why jar-project depends on war-project. Short explanation is that it needs some API classes. I know I could extract it to a separate project and then my problem would go away, but I still want to research into this a bit before.

Thank you in advance.

-- Paulius

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