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[jetty-users] Jetty 9.3.0 Milestone 2 release


Milestone 2 release of Jetty 9.3.0 should now be available from maven central.
We hope this will be our last development milestone release before we make a release candidate and move to a 9.3.0 stable release.

The headline feature in 9.3.0 is HTTP/2 support, but there is also a lot of other goodness that is there that is worthwhile trying out.

We have implemented a entirely new threading execution strategy at the IO selector and HTTP/2 multiplexing layer.    These changes are designed to improve both latency and throughput of request handling by better utilising the active thread to complete discovered/generated/parsed tasks.  This reduces latency by avoiding dispatch delays and improves throughput by using the CPU core that has a hot cache to complete a task.    Our early testing on cometd indicates that it is delivering the promised improvements.

There has also been a lot of stability work done on the semantics of servlet async IO.  A few ambiguous parts of the specification have been clarified with the servlet EG and we have created more unit tests of edge cases and nasty races.    If you are using servlet async IO then moving to 9.3 will give you a better defined and executed semantic.

Jetty-9.3 now uses the apache JSP implementation, so we are bug for bug compatible with other containers:)

We are also working on jetty CDI integration and the next release will have CDI available for webapps, servlets, filters and websockets.

It would be great if you could try out the 9.3.0.M2 release and give us any feedback before we move to release candidates.


Greg Wilkins <gregw@xxxxxxxxxxx>  @  Webtide - an Intalio subsidiary HTTP, SPDY, Websocket server and client that scales  advice and support for jetty and cometd.

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