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Re: [jetty-users] Automatic webapp folder creation

2015-03-02 17:42 GMT+01:00 Joakim Erdfelt <joakim@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
The /webapps/ folder in ${jetty.home} is just remnant kept for backwards compatibility.
It really has no place anymore, as you shouldn't be running, editing, or changing anything in ${jetty.home} anymore.

You are right, I made a mistake in my previous mail, the directory is created in ${jetty.base}, not ${jetty.home}

In a proper setup and configuration, you unpack jetty-distribution, and treat that entire directory as read-only.


Then you create your own directory somewhere, anywhere outside of the jetty-distribution (ideally), and that becomes your ${jetty.base}.

My setup is done this way

By default, the use of the 'deploy' module will create the ${jetty.base}/webapps/ if it doesn't exist.

Ok, understood, that's what I'm wondering

You can configure a different directory, like you have, with jetty.deploy.monitoredDir, but its probably easier to just setup a ${jetty.base} in your alternate directory tree instead.

I have another directory because I have apps-available and apps-enabled folder (similar to apache2)

Thank you Joakim

Andrea Cappelli

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