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[jetty-users] Unaccounted Time in Jetty

Hey Folks,
I am running solr on jetty on production. The problem I am facing is that requests are occasionally taking 2-3 seconds to complete. I haven't found these slow requests to be related to load in any way. These queries are getting fired from a java web application running inside tomcat that resides on the same server. When I check the request in jetty server access logs, it invariably shows the time elapsed in tens of milliseconds. Where is that extra time going to? Here is the thread pool configuration of my jetty server:

    <Set name="ThreadPool">
      <!-- Default queued blocking threadpool -->
      <New class="org.eclipse.jetty.util.thread.QueuedThreadPool">
        <Set name="minThreads">10</Set>
        <Set name="maxThreads">10000</Set>
        <Set name="detailedDump">false</Set>

Here is the connector setting I am using:

<Call name="addConnector">
          <New class="org.eclipse.jetty.server.nio.SelectChannelConnector">
            <Set name="host"><SystemProperty name="" /></Set>
            <Set name="port"><SystemProperty name="jetty.port" default="8983"/></Set>
            <Set name="maxIdleTime">500000</Set>
            <Set name="Acceptors">2</Set>
            <Set name="statsOn">false</Set>
            <Set name="confidentialPort">8443</Set>
            <Set name="lowResourcesConnections">5000</Set>
            <Set name="lowResourcesMaxIdleTime">5000</Set>
            <Set name="acceptQueueSize">10</Set>
            <Set name="headerBufferSize">65535</Set>

I have just recently changed to nio connector from the default bio connector. This hasn't helped me so far.

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