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[jetty-users] Single page application routing

Hey everybody, i am beginner. Can somebody advise me on how to manage single page application routing? 

I need DefaultServlet to work as it works now - serve static content, handle ETags and do other stuff. 
Since JS will handle routing, on unknown route to Jetty, Jetty will throw 404 and i need to intercept these 404 errors
to output content of index.html and let JS do the work. 

What is the best way to do that?
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception
	Server server = new Server();

	// Remove Server:Jetty(9...) from Response Headers
	HttpConfiguration httpConfig = new HttpConfiguration();
	HttpConnectionFactory httpFactory = new HttpConnectionFactory(httpConfig);

	ServerConnector connector = new ServerConnector(server, httpFactory);

	WebAppContext context = new WebAppContext("webapp", "/");
	context.addServlet(new ServletHolder(new DefaultServlet()), "/*");

	// Map WebSocket to listen on `/ws`
	Broker broker = new Broker();
	context.addServlet(new ServletHolder( new Servlet(broker)), "/ws");

	// Setting up browser caching. Binds params for org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.DefaultServlet.init()
	context.setInitParameter("org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.Default.etags", "true");
	context.setInitParameter("org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.Default.cacheControl", "public, max-age=0");

	// Disallow directory listing
	context.setInitParameter("org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.Default.dirAllowed", "false");

	// Search for index.html/index.jsp pages
	context.setInitParameter("org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.Default.welcomeServlets", "true");

	// Fix for Windows, so Jetty doesn't lock files
	if (System.getProperty("").toLowerCase().contains("windows")) {
		context.setInitParameter("org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.Default.useFileMappedBuffer", "false");

	// Will throw an exception when will be unable to start server for some reason


I also have jersey mapping in web.xml


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