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Re: [jetty-users] Jetty and Java 8 SSL improvements

This is something I've been asking about. It's a low priority for the Jetty team. It was suggested that I could contribute a fix, and there's certainly enough information in Bugzilla that I could do it pretty easily, but paying projects have priority and I have a couple big deadlines to meet. I would love to contribute a fix when I have time, though.

Right now, as a workaround, I have a server dedicated to J2EE apps, running Jetty, and I threw Apache 2.4 on that box and am using it and mod_proxy to proxy HTTPS requests to Jetty (because Apache 2.4 speaks SNI).

Ben Summers wrote:

Now Java 8 has SNI support, and the ability to set the cipher suite order, are there any plans to add support in Jetty?

I see from Bugzilla that some work has been done on support, is this something that is likely to be added to Jetty in the near future?

I need to add SNI support (and ideally set the cipher suite order) and am just wondering what my options are.

Many thanks,


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