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[jetty-users] Jetty 9 Port Unification


I am using Jetty as the server for Vaadin (GWT and Websocket) OSGi project and it works fine.

As well as Vaadin and general web serving, I need to have channels that handle raw byte data.

Netty has an example of a port unification server that inspects the early bytes of a request to determine the protocol handler to use but Netty is at present, difficult, if not impossible to use with Vaadin/Websockets.

Getting to my question.

Is Jetty usable for a port unification type application that can handle servlet requests and raw byte channel type protocols as well?

What class in Jetty is the first handler for requests before http parsing takes place?

After watching Greg Wilkins talk on Servlet 3.1 Async IO I found the techniques most interesting and wonder if the techniques can be used for raw byte channels.


Paul Fraser

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