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[jetty-users] Debugging in Jetty source code

Dear all,

I'm assigned a project in which we attempt to push content from a Jetty server to one or more connected clients, using the SPDY protocol. Changes to the current pushing strategy and handlers are required, so I want to change the server's implementation and be able to debug the newly inserted code. I downloaded Jetty's source code from GitHub, and can use the "mvn clean install" command to generate a distribution in jetty-distribution/target/distribution.

To write my own server handlers en strategies, I loaded all Maven projects in NetBeans, and everything can be build from the top project down. I defined my own handlers, and by passing the right arguments in the project Jetty-Start (jetty-home and base) and using the right XML configurations, I can start the server in debug mode from within Java. However, when accessing the server through the browser, no breakpoint is ever triggered. I really need to be able to understand the flow from the request handlers to the pushing strategy, so how can I fully debug the server code?

Kind regards,

Jeroen van der Hooft

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