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[jetty-users] Where does Jetty dispatch to worker thread happens.

I am trying to understand Jetty's Connector implementation which uses multiple acceptor/selectors to have non blocking implementation. I saw a post from Simone where its explained very clearly 

I could see the Jetty's  SelectorManager, AbstractConnector, ServerConnector implementing the same where we have n acceptor and m selector threads started. The acceptors are blocking on the ServerSocketChannels accept() call, each time when the socket connects, acceptor takes the socket and registers the channel with selector and submits the job to selector (ManagedSelector' ConcurrentArrayQueue) selector threads would poll the queue and run the changes. However i am somehow missing one thing, where is the actual dispatch happening to the Worker threads (the actual Server threads in QueuedThreadPool). Also let me know if I got some of above incorrectly


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