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[jetty-users] using Jetty Runner with externally overridden properties file

Let’s say I have this simple.war web application and one of the jars in its /WEB-INF/lib contains a file with default properties.


If I’m happy with these properties, I can just use the Jetty runner :


java -jar jetty-runner.jar simple.war


How do I now add another directory (named conf) IN FRONT of the classpath so that a file in this directory gets precedence over the one in the jar of the war file ?


java -jar jetty-runner.jar –-classes conf simple.war


This does not work since the conf is added AT THE END of the classpath, so the embedded from the jar in the war still wins.


Is there any ‘pure’ jetty-runner solution to this ?  Something that doesn’t require stripping out the properties files of the jars in the war.




Diether Samaey  

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