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[jetty-users] time out


I am using jetty-distribution-9.0.0.RC2 and I have a doubt regarding it. 
Configuration is almost default provided. Currently I deploy that distribution in Linux and Windows environment. Locally is Windows and is working fine (I am using Jersey 1.2).

Problem is: In my local windows one request can take a longer time (for example more than 5 minutes) without any problem but when I use jetty deployed in linux machine, if that request takes more than 60 seconds, Chrome gets disconnected but request continues working in background.

I have tried to use timeout and idletimeout in some places but I couldn't find where I should try to change timeout value.

Note: during debug is same problem, if I place a breakpoint in code, calling remotely to linux server, after 60 seconds I can continue debugging but I see Chrome gets disconnected (circle indicating that is working finishes)

Thanks in advance

Oscar Perez

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