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[jetty-users] How to reference system properties in Jetty9 start.ini

In Jetty7, I could have entries in jetty.start.config like so:

# Additional jetty libraries such as for logging
$(jetty.addtl.lib.dir)/**     exists $(jetty.addtl.lib.dir)


Namely, properties were substituted in.

Jetty9's start.ini doesn't seem to do this; the following line (where JETTY_ADDTL_DIR=/server/jetty-addtl/lib/ )


in start.ini has no (visible) effect - in fact, Jetty will fail to start up because my xml configuration references a class that would have been on the classpath, if that directory were on the classpath.

When I add the absolute (or relative; that works, too) path to my start.ini:


I see (both via successful server startup, and with --list-config) that the directory is on the classpath. This is not a tenable solution, however, as it changes the "additional classpath" configuration from something dynamic, configurable, and scriptable, to something static. My existing deployment process hinges on this capability.

Is there a way to use system property substitution in start.ini configuration in Jetty9?

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