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Re: [jetty-users] Jetty 9.2.2.v20140723 Released!

Dear Joakim,

please, would you update the download site, it still has:
stable-9: download apidocs xref Stable 9.2.1.v20140609

and the link stable-9:


On 24 July 2014 20:34, Joakim Erdfelt <joakim@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
We are pleased to announce the availability of Jetty 9.2.2!

While a standard point release with 48 total issues resolved.
While most of the issues are bug fixes, there has also been
a fair amount of API/javadoc cleanup as well.
We encourage everyone using Jetty 9.2.1 to update when they
get the chance.
The issues resolved are listed below.

Distribution Downloads:

The artifacts are also available in the Global Central Repository.

Eclipse P2 repositories are available as well (shortly).

If you find an issue with this release you can open a bug through the
guided bugzilla page located here:

Documentation can be found at our documentation hub

A reminder that both dev and prod support are offered through Webtide
(, feel free to contact us through that site or ping
me directly if you are interested in learning more.  The new website is now running Wordpress served through FastCGI
and Jetty so your spdy clients still work there!  Quite the snazzy
deal.  Documentation PDF's are available for download on the website as well.

The Jetty Development Team

jetty-9.2.2.v20140723 - 23 July 2014
 + 411323 DosFilter/QoSFilter should use AsyncContext rather than Continuations.
 + 432815 Fixed selector stop race
 + 434536 Improved Customizer javadoc
 + 435322 Fixed Iterating Callback close
 + 435653 encode async dispatched requestURI
 + 435895 jetty spring module is not in distribution
 + 436874 WebSocket client throwing a NullPointer when handling a pong
 + 436894 GzipFilter code cleanup
 + 436916 CGI: "Search docroot for a matching execCmd" logic is wrong
 + 436987 limited range of default acceptors and selectors
 + 437051 Refactor Filter chain handling of Request.isAsyncSupported
 + 437395 Start / Properties in template sections should be default applied for enabled modules
 + 437419 Allow scanning of META-INF for resources,fragments,tlds for unpacked jars
 + 437430 jettyXml not consistent between jetty:run and jetty:run-forked
 + 437462 consistent test failure in jetty-start under windows
 + 437706 ServletTester calls LocalConnector method with hardcoded timeout
 + 437800 URLs with single quote and spaces return 404
 + 437996 avoid async status race by not setting 200 on handled
 + 438079 Review garbage creation in 9.2.x series.
 + 438190 findbug improvements
 + 438204 leave IPv6 addresses [] wrapped in getServerName
 + 438327 Remove hard coded Allow from OPTIONS *
 + 438331 AbstractLogger.debug(String,long) infinite loop
 + 438434 ResourceHandler checks aliases
 + 438895 Add mvn jetty:effective-web-xml goal
 + 439066 javadoc setStopAtShutdown
 + 439067 Improved graceful stop timeout handling
 + 439194 Do not configure fake server for jetty:run-forked
 + 439201 GzipFilter and AsyncGzipFilter should strip charset from Content-Type before making exclusion comparison in doFilter
 + 439369 Deprecate CrossContextPseudoSession
 + 439387 Ensure empty servlet-class never generated for quickstart
 + 439390 Ensure jsp scratchdir is created same way for quickstart and non-quickstart
 + 439394 load-on-startup with value 0 not preserved for quickstart
 + 439399 Scan tlds for apache jasper standard taglib with jetty-maven-plugin
 + 439438 DataSourceLoginService does not refresh passwords when changed in database
 + 439507 Possible timing side-channel when comparing MD5-Credentials
 + 439540 setReuseAddress() in is not coded properly
 + 439652 GzipHandler super.doStart
 + 439663 Allow mappings to be declared before servlet/filter
 + 439672 support using Apache commons daemon for managing Jetty
 + 439753 ConstraintSecurityHandler has dead code for processing constraints
 + 439788 CORS filter headers gone between 9.2.0.M0 and 9.2.1.v20140609 for ProxyServlet requests.
 + 439809 mvn jetty:jspc cannot find taglibs in dependency jars
 + 439895 No event callback should be invoked after the "failure" callback.
 + 440020 Abort bad proxy responses with sendError(-1)
 + 440038 Content decoding may fail.
 + 440114 ContextHandlerCollection does not skip context wrappers
 + 440122 Remove usages of ForkInvoker.

Joakim Erdfelt <joakim@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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