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[jetty-users] Monitoring Jetty

If you are interested in monitoring your jetty server, jamon 2.77 was just released.  In a couple minutes you can track and display jetty stats for anything in the Request or Response.  Examples are:
  • Page execution time (max/average/hits...)
  • Exceptions - Counts per exception type as well as viewing the full stacktrace
  • Http Status code counts
  • ...

Monitoring Jetty 8/9 with JAMon
  • Put jamon-2.77.jar (or higher) in the jetty 'lib/etc' directory.
  • Put jamon.war in the jetty 'webapps' directory.
  • Add the following Handler line to Jetty's jetty.xml file (i.e. etc/jetty.xml). The 'Engine' line is used to show context.
<Set name="handler">
<New id="JAMonHandler" class="com.jamonapi.http.JAMonJettyHandlerNew"/>

fyi Greg W said this would be a good list to notify about the release..


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