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[jetty-users] Jetty 8.1.14 Regenerating JSPs after server restart


I am noticing an issue where JSP pages are getting completely regenerated
following a server restart (I am using an Eclipse Plug-in Project - so its
an Equinox/OSGi application).

I have found this page that lists various configuration properties:

In debugging, I do see that we have development = 'true', but that should
only have it check for a 'possible' recompilation.  I am seeing it always
recompiles.  What are the criteria around whether or not to compile?  Can
someone help me with what configuration parameters I should be using?



p.s. I was trying to post this message via the forum, but kept getting a mailer-daemon error saying I am not subscribed - even though I am...sorry for the spam that may have caused...

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