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[jetty-users] ProxyServlet.ProxyResponseListener.onFailure is not called on failure (9.1.4.v20140401)

I have been troubleshooting a ProxyServlet which always times out. After debugging a bit, I discovered the following:

* ProxyServlet.ProxyResponseListener.onComplete is called, and the Result passed to onComplete contains a requestFailure and a responseFailure, both saying: " Response header too large".
* ProxyServlet.ProxyResponseListener.onFailure is never called, even though the request failed.

The javadoc for Response.Listener.Adapter.onComplete states:
"This method is always invoked *after* Response.SuccessListener.onSuccess(Response) or Response.FailureListener.onFailure(Response, Throwable), and only when request indicates that it is completed."

But in this case, onComplete is not called *after* onFailure, since onFailure is not called at all.

Is this a bug?

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