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[jetty-users] Upgrading jetty-runner from version 7.6.15 to 9.1.4, exception from <jsp-property-group>

I've been using jetty-runner for a long to to support development on web applications. I've been setting up a new development machine, and I downloaded the newest version of jetty-runner. When I try it with my .war file, however, I get an exception:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: No such servlet: __org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.JspPropertyGroupServlet__

(I can of course provide the whole stack trace if that'd help.)  I can run the same .war file with 7.6.15 and it works fine. If I comment out the <jsp-property-group> thing, then it works with the newer version.

Is there some other way to do what <jsp-property-group> does? It's kind-of important, as it's used to set a preamble to all the .jsp files in the project.

Thanks!  I posted this on Stackoverflow too if you want some points :)

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