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[jetty-users] Jetty ssl connections do not close after MaxIdleTime with SslSelectChannelConnector


I am running a client which sends SYN and ACK packets at Jetty SSL port at a
rate of 10 packets/sec.
In jetty-ssl.xml, MaxIdleTime parameter is set to 300000 sec (5 min) and NIO
connector (SslSelectChannelConnector) is configured.

Flooding is stopped after 2 minutes. By that time, approximately 1200
connections get created.

After 10 minutes it was observed that even though the connections were idle
for more than 5 minutes, they remain in "Established" state. 
As per the specified configurations, these connections should get closed
after MaxIdleTime (5 min) is reached.

But, when the same scenario is executed with Blocking connector
(SslSocketConnector), connections are getting closed after MaxIdleTime. Same
happens for non ssl port as well.

Is it a known issue with Jetty ssl implementation? Please reply asap.
Any help regarding the same would be appreciated.


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