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[jetty-users] Jetty 8 and Eclipse Plugin Projects


I am trying to build a simple Plugin project for Eclipse (4.2.2 SDK) that has a JSP page print out a message using the c taglib.

I know "under the hood", Eclipse uses Jetty for its web-by stuff.  However, I have been struggling to get the JSP stuff to work.

I have reviewed the following page, but unfortunately it only confuses me more:

In adding a lot of the osgi-boot jars, now I need to specify a jetty.home or jetty.home.bundle, which seems strange/overkill.

I really just want to not have to include the glassfish taglib bundle as a local library in each of my various web bundles.  Can I do this "out of the box" with the Eclipse jetty bundles?

I have a sample project I can send out for better clarification, etc if necessary.  Thanks for your help.


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